Kardex Lektriever / Industriever Move

A recent move we completed involved seven out of twenty units total being re-oriented within the same pick space.  We provided the customer with sixteen used, but in overall as-new condition, Kardex Lektriever 2000 vertical carousels to supplement their existing storage and picking mail order operation.  When the footprint of a newly purchased sorter demanded a re-organization of the area we were able to eliminate the lengthy downtime and loss of productivity from unloading the carousels.  We accomplished this by using custom made carts that support the full carousel while only removing one level of media.  This allowed all seven machines to be back running and producing for the customer within hours rather than days.



Modula Lift – Minneapolis, MN

This recent install was for a high precision machining customer in Minneapolis, MN.  The customer was in need of a high density storage option for their incoming titanium bar stock.  The utilization of this lift’s external bay was an easy decision as the weight and size of the rods being stored was a cumbersome storage overtaking.  A 1600lb/800kg + capacity per shelf will allow the customer to store a large amount of stock on site.  The existing site was limited by height but a wider unit to accept the long rod length was crucial.  We were able to fly in, and leave the customer with a professional turnkey installation of a sure to be well appreciated storage option with minimal impact and on-site commotion of their day to day operations.



Modula Lift – South Bend, IN

Recently Installed Modula Lift at a customer’s still under construction new building.  When the customer made the decision to relocate and construct a new facility for their manufacturing operations they decided that automation was a key to success.  The ability to store a vastly different set of unique dies and support parts as well have a master file with the ability to keep track of parts and components remotely trough the utilization of a software package was a deal maker.  With temporary power to install and perform a initial demonstration of the Lift we were able to keep this project on time with no disruption to final build out of the facility.


20160804_095943 20160804_100130 20160804_100656

Hanel Leanlift Install – Wooster, OH

We recently worked with another dealer to install two 7m tall Hanel Leanlift units to compliment this customer’s existing 30+ units.  The customer utilized Leanlifts to store a variety of material within their plant.  These two particular units were located in a tool crib to store the mounting number of new and additional skus to support their maintenance operations.  The additional space gained from the two Leanlifts greatly increased their available floor space.

20160407_190521 20160407_190450

HR Application just installed


Corsp 2007 install

2016 Blizzard

We survived the (non-existent) 2016 Dayton Blizzard with bread and milk to spare.  Stay warm people!